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Approximately 40% of the companies in Europe that are classified as AI Startups don't use AI in any ways that's material to that company's value proposition?
MMC Ventures

The AI, ML, and DS landscape

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Urbanowics, 2018

Gartner, 2016

Kolassa, 2016

Granville, 2014

How can we help you?

We provide a wide (and specialized) range of services.

Data Driven Marketing

From FB Ads, IG Ads, Google Ads, equipped with mastery in analytics tools such as: FB Audience Insights, FB Pixel, Split Testing, Campaign Budget Optimization, Dynamics Ads, Google Keyword Planner, Google Trends, Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and many more.

Data Collections

We collect social media and various public data for your research purposes.

Did you know that web scraping currently legal, right?

Business and Marketing Research

We experienced in conducting business and marketing research, such as: Estimating market size, repeat order rate, determine the Pareto products or services, customer profiling & segmentation, behavioral analytics, etc.

Text Mining

We provide end-to-end Text Mining solutions (from data collection of public data (Twitter) to provide informations you need).

We employs various methodologies, such as: Topic Modeling, Sentiment Analysis, Document Clustering, etc.

Machine Learning

We love to tackle various Machine Learning related problems.

Content Writing (Data Tech Blogging)

We started as a WordPress Tech Blog (and we still are). We are a WordPress Developer who loves to create high-quality content (and SEO), especially in the Data Tech niche.

Do you love to see our website? We can create a similar website for you! 🙂

We Provide Our Services in English or/and Bahasa Indonesia


portfolio sentiment analysis

Sentiment Analysis

portfolio topic modeling

Topic Modeling

portfolio document clustering

Document Clustering

portfolio behavioral analytics

Behavioral Analytics

portfolio social media twitter mining

Social Media (Twitter) Mining

portfolio data driven marketing

Data Driven Marketing

portfolio predictive modeling

Predictive Modeling

portfolio data tech blogging

Data Tech Blogging


The technologies behind our services:

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